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English Tavern JRII



This bar includes the front, back, and a specially designed upper back . There is no large canopy.


This bar includes the forward-facing stained glass and the small underneath stained glass - INCLUDED IN THE PRICE.


The regular English Tavern does not include stained is only available as an option.


This bar starts at $3898 (80" width standard version) and $4398 (96" width larger version).

All other regular options available with the English Tavern are also available in the JRII





Height is 92" from floor to top of crown. The ETJRII can be easily reduced from 92" to 90" by removing 2" from the toe kick. This will reduce the countertop height from 38" to 36" (your standard kitchen cabinet height). If you continue to reduce the tie kick, you will push the countertop height below 36".


Width is either available as standard 80" or 96".


Depth is adjustable, although 74" is about minimum - 84" is recommended.

If you need an extremely reduced height, your only option might be the English Tavern JR at only 84" (all other dimensions the same).





This bar was originally developed as a simplier companion to the English Tavern. It is a nice option for the bar-challanged install. Since the English Tavern canopy is the primary problem in most basement installations, we developed a nice, simple, and attractive alternative. 


Comparing the Canterbury and the English Tavern Junior II

  • The Canterbury is available in 3 widths - 60", 70", and 80". The ETJRII is available in 80" and 96".
  • The Canterbury has flanking furniture grade side panels that hold stemware.
  • Both bar styles feature forward-facing stained glass and underneath stained glass included in the price.
  • The ETJRII and Canterbury have a completely different front bar design.
  • The Canterbury has Blum Blu-motion drawer glides. The ETJRII does not.
  • Frame construction, tabletop quality, stained quality, dovetail drawers are the same in both models.
  • The ETJRII has a 16" back depth and the Canterbury has a 25" back depth (capable of holding an appliance).
  • Other small variations exist.


Remember, there is a front section included. The front section is simply the standard front (without the pole moulding).

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