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Start of the test
February 13, 2006


This picture shows the sample chips.


Sample 1       completely unfinished
Sample 2       (1) coat of PU finish + (2) undercoat PU sealers
Sample 3       (2) coats of PU finish + (2) undercoat PU sealers
Sample 4       (5) coats of PU finish + (2) undercoat PU sealers
Sample 5       (2) coats of PU finish + (4) undercoat PU sealers
Sample 6       (2) coats of PU finish + (6) undercoat PU sealers
Sample 7       (1) coat of Melamine finish + (2) undercoat Melamine sealers
Sample 8       American cabinet company drawer front (head)



We'll overlay the picture later with the sample numbers.



On the back of each chip is labeling for our purposes so we don't get them confused for any reason.
Each Cup is set-up accordingly.






Each cup is set-up with about the same amount of ice-cubes. The cups have about the same amount of ice and every cup is filled to the same line.






After about an hour+, the ice is melting and the cup's condensation is moving to the chip.



We are already concerned about the American cabinet drawer front
(Sample chip 8).
Remember, we will not wipe away the water on the chip. In the morning, when the cups are refilled with ice and water, any standing water on the chip will be left sitting.



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