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Week 6
On Saturday, March 18th, 2006, we removed the cups and wiped the chips.

We ended the test because sample 5 and 6 started to show wear. This is really not possible due to sample 2 and 3 having LESS protection. Sample 2 and 3 showed no wear or signs of failure. Therefore, we have to assume we mixed samples possibly. We will conduct the tests again and I will personal oversee the staining, sanding, and finishing process. I will assure the samples are correctly marked accordingly. It's just not logical that sample 5 and sample 6 would fail before 2 and 3. It seems logical these 4 samples were mixed, although I emphatically receive "no way" to this suggestion.

This update is being written on 4/28/06.

The employees who refill and conduct the tests have continued their job even though I basically abandoned the test. I was emptying, cleaning, and photographing the samples on Saturday. Therefore, the samples have endured a lengthy water sampling....past the point I stopped observing and discussing this test. I will post these pictures for review.

Again, this test will need to be conducted again.

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