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We designed the 2007 80" English Tavern STANDARD interior to accommodate either (2) frig/wine units or a frig/wine and a trash bin.


The location of the frig/wine unit is designed for the Avanti WC191BG Little Tavern Wine/Frig Unit. This Frig/Wine unit has 4 refrigerator settings (37-42 degrees) and 3 wine settings (49-62 degrees). The door is reversible....and you may install one right and one left. The interior holds 1.7 cubic feet. Most glass door wine units function exclusively as a wine frig and don't offer the lower 'general frig' settings.

The reason behind designing our interior for this unit was the fact the Avanti is inexpensive (around $125), can either be a frig or wine unit, and stays compact, allowing drawers above the frig.


You can easily purchase two units for $250 and have a wine and a general frig side-by-side....and you're getting 3.4 cubic feet of storage (similar to a full-height 15" to 18" unit).


Remember, with the new interior, you may do:
(2) refrigerators
(2) wine units
(1) refrigerator and (1) wine unit
(1) wine unit and (1) trash bin
(1) refrigerator and (1) trash bin


Or maybe you have no desire to for an appliance in the bar problem.


You can leave both interior holes empty - and use the supplied shelves that come with the unit or you can install (1) or (2) trash bins, if desired. Remember, the trash bins must be ordered at the time you place your order.


The trash bin is an optional feature in the 80" & 96" English Tavern (+$135).


We think you will agree that the new interior offers you versatile options to meet most of your needs.


Yet, if you want a full-height under-counter appliance, then look at Interior Type B for the larger frig/wine units like U-Line, Marvel, or Summit - or Keg units.

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